our services

We provide a range of digital design and marketing services for our clients, including mobile-first websites (large and small), email marketing campaigns, social media marketing campaigns, and more.


Our clients enjoy a bespoke experience, with designs tailored to their aesthetic preferences, personality, and marketing ambitions. Whether it’s your first website, an overhaul of an existing site, or something in-between, we provide personalized design, development, and maintenance services for a range of needs and specifications.

  • Engineered for optimal compatibility, speed, and usability, so your site will look and work great on any size screen or device, anywhere.
  • Designed with a searchable web in mind, so your website and content will appear reliably and appropriately in search results about you and your work. (It’s not only people visiting your website; it’s machines, too.)
  • Implemented using tools and techniques that are tried, tested, reputable, and well-maintained.
  • Tested and re-tested to ensure the best performance.
  • Hosted either on your own server or ours. (Our server is super fast, secure, and has plenty of room.)

Clients who opt for our maintenance service receive on-call content updates, design adjustments, and routine software upgrades, bug fixes, and general housekeeping, as well as advice and reassurance whenever needed.

email marketing

Whether you have an existing list — or want one — we can help you design and build your online following with the latest tools and approaches that fit your needs.

social media & social media marketing

For many authors and artists, social media is either an addiction — or distraction — or something to be avoided at all costs. Some use it grudgingly, others see it as essential to their success. We can help you set up your social media presence where it makes the most sense for you and your goals, and work with you to craft an online personality that is authentic, comfortable, and low-maintenance.

And if social media truly isn’t your thing, we can help you to sustain a minimal branded presence to help you when you need it.

We have in recent years designed and run social media marketing campaigns on Meta’s platforms (Facebook and Instagram) for authors seeking to give their launches a boost. These have produced remarkable results — tens of thousands of website visits and clicks through to online booksellers, and hundreds of thousands of impressions. We handle the creative (copywriting and design), audience design, mechanical and technical implementation, weekly progress reports and strategic recommendations to optimize the campaign after it’s up and running.


Usually this is the thing most people are worried about — for good reason. It can be expensive! Our base fees are reasonable, negotiable, and inclusive. (In other words, we don’t ‘unbundle’ our services and charge you for every individual thing as if you’re trying to book a cheap last-minute flight to Las Vegas.)

Final price may vary based on your specific needs and requirements.

Website design & implementation $2,500
Website maintenance $1,000 per year (includes hosting; first year included for first-time clients)
Email & social media marketing $500 per campaign plus costs ⚹

⚹ The cost to purchase advertising on platforms like Meta varies based on the type of campaign, as well as audience profile, audience size, and campaign duration. From our experience, a minimum investment of $2,000 is enough to get good results, but we have had success with smaller budgets; it’s the audience that matters most. Costs will vary.

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